Harp & Flute Duos
In The UK

Please Click on the Harp & Flute Duo Pictures Below For More Detailed Information

Flute & Harp Duos available for private and
corporate events in the UK and Abroad*
Harp and Flute Duo Arion Flute and Harp Duo Flute and Harp Duo Habanera
Arion Flute & Harp Duo Aurora Flute & Harp Duo Habanera Harp & Flute Duo
Harp and Flute Kent
Appasionata Flute & Harp Duo Lianna and Anna Harp & Flute Duo Sarveena Flute & Harp Duo
Naiades Harp and Flute Photo
Naiades Flute & Harp Duo Melandra Harp & Flute Duo Harp and Flute Duo SW06HF

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